A complete guide to create and animate your sports community

How to create, develop and host a community of sports practitioners in 7 main steps. Plus all our tips for measuring and boosting your members' engagement!


Why create a sports community?

To innovate and break free of traditional marketing approaches

Sport can be the solid basis for creating a special venue for members to share and exchange, where everyone has a voice. Lastly, it will help you build a more authentic and lasting relationship with your fans, customers or staff.

To develop a strategy around the positive and enduring values of sport

Sport is a highly relevant vector. It is a catalyst for positive energy and well-being. By setting up a sports community, you can enhance your expert position as a sports brand, sports event sponsor or in any other sector aiming to link itself to overcoming limits and fostering wellness. 

Set up the right objectives, choose the best tools and create the perfect team: you'll be able to successfully launch your sports community. A powerful communication and marketing tool.


In this guide, we will show how to create, develop and host a community of sports practitioners.

Bonus: you'll find our expert team's tips for measuring and boosting your members’ engagement!



Table of contents

  1. #1 Set your objectives
  2. #2 Choose the right platform
  3. #3 Form your team
  4. #4 Set out your strategy
  5. #5 Find ambassadors
  6. #6 Get your members on board
  7. #7 Continue developing over time
  8. 3 pillars of engagement
  9. Key performance indicators to watch
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