How HYUNDAI established proximity with the running community

Joining the practice of running to boost prestige: an action plan that stands up to the Covid-19 crisis
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Right before Covid-19 hit us hard, HYUNDAI became a Running Heroes community partner. With one clear objective: create more proximity with the running community and showcase the brand engagement. 


Supporting runners during lockdown

During the lockdown, restrictions on outings and activities hindered people from going out running.

Good thing HYUNDAI offered digital activations to maintain the Running Heroes members' motivation and enthusiasm:  

  • inspirational videos to train everyday
  • virtual races to compete
  • connected challenges to surpass themselves


Showcase the brand engagement

With its new "sustainable mobility partner" status, HYUNDAI found new ways to increase its notoriety as a credible running partner and increase the visibility of its hybrid line. 


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Table of contents

  1. Introduction & background
  2. Goals
  3. Solution
  4. Support during lockdown 🎯
  5. Motivate people to surpass themselves 💪
  6. Allow runners to escape ☀️
  7. Getting off the beaten track 🚗
  8. Results & testimonials
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Running is the ultimate popular sport. It therefore seemed a good idea to associate Hyundai with the world of this sport, for a number of reasons. The first is the brand's desire to make eco-friendy mobility technologies more widespread. Secondly, more and more runners and athletes in general want to align their sports activities with respect for the environment. And finally, the various races that I hope will take place and that we are partnering will allow us to demonstrate the accessibility and the quality of our range of Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, and fully electric vehicles.


Lionel French Keogh
Managing Director HYUNDAI Motor France

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