How MAYBANK marathon went virtual

Covid-19: how to maintain enthusiasm in the running community during a pandemic?

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Digitizing live sport events

A solution for runners during the Covid-19 pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic hit the sport events world, MAYBANK chose to not cancel its international marathon but to go virtual with one main goal: motivate the community to challenge themselves despite the difficult times they were all experiencing. 


Free inclusive virtual races

Given exceptional circumstances, MAYBANK Marathon had to adapt and offer a new digital experience compatible with the measures governments were adopting worldwide to restrain physical activity. An experience as inclusive as possible to allow runners from all around the world to take part: 

  • wherever they were
  • at their own pace

MAYBANK Marathon Anywhere was the biggest virtual event in Asia

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Table of contents

  1. Presentation & context
  2. Goals
  3. Solution
  4. Wherever you are, whenever you want 🌏
  5. At your own pace 🏃
  6. Be a part of the running community 🎉
  7. Technology
  8. Results & testimonials
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The reason Maybank Marathon held the Maybank Marathon Anywhere virtual running event this year marks our achievement in presenting an event that is relevant for run sports enthusiasts who want to make achievements in the midst of a pandemic where social and physical restrictions prevail. With the digital solution, Maybank Marathon can be held virtually and in real time, even across national borders. 

Taswin-Zakaria 1

Taswin Zakaria
President Director, Maybank Indonesia

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