Sport 2000 reinvents the customer loyalty program

The story of Livret Sport: how fitness activities help grow customer loyalty.

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The more sport you practice, the less money you spend

Rewarding clients in an innovative way

Sport 2000 is a group of independent retailers specialized in multisport equipments. Like all retailers, they obviously had a loyalty program. 

But unlike all retailers, they chose to offer a new experience to their clients : they wouldn't be rewarded with coupons when they bought Sport 2000 products, they would be rewarded when they practiced sport. 

Sport 2000 has created an accessible, fun and intuitive web platform to motivate all clients to move more and more and reward them when they do with coupons from brands, prizes and exclusive experiences. 

Attract, retain and know your customers

Thanks to this innovative rewarding program, Sport 2000 has built a community of sport enthusiasts of more than 40 000 members who takes part in connected challenges to win more prizes and coupons they can spend in stores. 

The Livret Sport project is a new way for Sport 2000 to get to know better their customers:  their use of the platform helps improve the customer knowledge and adapt to enhance their experience. 

Table of contents

  1. Presentation & context
  2. Goals
  3. Solution
  4. Inspire and motivate 🎯
  5. Drive to store 🛍
  6. Launch of the solution 🎉
  7. Technology
  8. Results & testimonials
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"With the Livret Sport, the Sport 2000 cooperative shows its ability to promote the practice of sport among the French population, beyond the sale of sports articles and equipment."


Stéphane Solinski
CEO, Sport 2000 France

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