The ICONIC Sport Challenge

Driving engagement around the brand and becoming THE destination for sportswear

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The quest to raise awareness as a sportswear brand

Already the number one fashion and lifestyle destination in Australia and New Zealand.

This is isn't enough. They want to become THE sportswear brand.

How? By promoting physical activity and encouraging people to move more.

What a better way to do so than to offer their community a multisport experience, available on desktop and mobile phone.

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Table of contents

  1. Presentation & context
  2. Goals
  3. Solution
  4. Sweat and be rewarded 🎁
  5. No matter your objectives or your fitness level
  6. The more you train, the more you win 💪
  7. Pro tips and inspiration from coaches
  8. Results & testimonials
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I think THE ICONIC SPORT Challenge is awesome, I've done it every year and feeling it just gets better/improves each year so well done/thank you!

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